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AccessBank has launched a loan campaign “Üçü var idi, üçü yox idi”


Baku, December 13, 2017. Few days remain till the New Year. Like in fairy tales, each of us is dreaming of making our wishes come true. Businessmen desire to expand and develop their business, farmers -to grow their farm and each of us hurries to make presents for our beloved ones. But sometimes the lack of funds does not allow us to do what we want.

AccessBank launches a new loan campaign "Üçü var idi, üçü yox idi", which on the eve of the new year, like in fairy tales, will fulfill the wishes of the Bank`s clients. Within this campaign, AccessBank provides all customers who have taken micro, agro and consumer loans a grace period for any 3 months of the loan period, and also free them from the payment of interests for the last 3 months of the loan period!

Thus, the clients taking a loan in AccessBank until January 31, 2018, will be able to choose a grace period for repayment in any 3 months of the loan period, and being released from payment of the principal amount in this period, the client will make repayments in the following months. In addition, each client who has taken a loan within the framework of this campaign is exempt from interest payment for the last 3 months of the loan period. Benefiting this campaign, the clients can take advantageous micro and agro loans with a minimum period of 15 months for up to AZN 50,000, as well as cash loans up to AZN 20,000.

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