Visa Business

The optimal tool for conducting and controlling the expenses of the enterprise connected with its basic and economic activity.

Many different payments can be made through the corporate card:

  • Travel expenses (hotels, rent a car, booking tickets, etc.);
  • Expenses for household needs (stationery, etc.);
  • Expenses related to the main activity of the enterprise (purchase of goods, settlements with suppliers, etc.);
  • Payments to the state budget and other state funds;
  • Payment of taxes, duties, rents and other payments.

Note: Corporate cards are not provided for the payment of dividends, wages and other social payments.


  • Possibility to pay for purchases and cash withdrawals anywhere in the world;
  • Reducing the risks associated with large amounts of cash, loss or theft;
  • The cards indicate the name of the company;
  • Multiple cards can be issued on one account;
  • Ability to instantly lock the card in case of its loss or theft;
  • Can be used to pay for the company's expenses;
  • Managers and employees of the company can easily and accurately separate their personal and business expenses;
  • Reduction of volumes and expenses on paper paperwork;
  • Automated control, easy and quick cost analysis, etc.


  • Within the special offer "5d for Business" is free of charge.
  • Commission for cashing out from corporate cards in AccessBank ATMs under the "5d for Business" offer is 0.5% (min. 0.5 AZN)

Commission (cash withdrawal)

In AccessBank ATMs min. 0.1 AZN/USD/EUR max. 1%
In ATMs of resident banks min. 2 AZN/USD/EUR max. 1.5%
In ATMs of non-resident banks min. 3.5 AZN/USD/EUR max. 1.5%
At POS-Terminals AccessBank min. 1 AZN/USD/EUR max. 1%
At POS-terminals of the resident banks min. 2 AZN/USD/EUR max. 1.5%
POS-Terminals of non-resident banks min. 6 AZN/USD/EUR max. 1.5%

Currency conversion Fees

Note: Certain limits may be set for cash withdrawals from business cards.

Currencies Rates

USD 1.6990 1.7025
EUR 1.6613 1.7206
Non-cash payment

Non-cash payment

USD 1.6990 1.7025
EUR 1.6782 1.7206
GBP 1.9062 1.9646
RUB 0.0278 0.0296



* - calculating by cash purchase rate