13.06.2018 - 31.12.2019

5D for business

We present a special offer to business persons in order to ease their cashless operations

The private entrepreneurs and legal entities using this offer may acquire in total *5 products and services free of charge:

  • Current accounts;
  • Salary projects;
  • Business Card connected to the customer’s Tax ID account;
  • Pos-terminal;
  • Online banking.

*Services may be provided also separately.

Download detailed information regarding the product and service offers

The personnel of legal entities and private entrepreneurs connected to the «5D for Business» project may also benefit the preferential services:

  • Free connection to myAccess service;
  • Possibility of opening “Savings” deposit starting with AZN 30;
  • Extra 1% to the standard annual interest rate of “Savings” deposit opened for the period of 12-60 months in AZN currency;
  • Possibility of receiving Cash Loan and Credit Cards with annual interest rate lower by 2%.


Business persons using these services may easily implement cashless operations in 24/7 mode without visiting the bank.

The list of the documents required for opening the current account

Currencies Rates

25.04.2019 BUY SELL
USD 1.6971 1.7015
EUR 1.8589 1.9158
Non-cash payment

Non-cash payment

25.04.2019 BUY SELL
USD 1.6971 1.7015
EUR 1.8778 1.9120
GBP 2.1498 2.2156
RUB 0.2060 0.0267



* - calculating by cash purchase rate