01.11.2018 - 28.12.2018

No collateral business loans

Grow your business with no collateral business loans of AccessBank!

You would like to extend your business but meet various obstacles? Then benefit AccessBank’s new loan campaign!

Within this campaign you may take business loans in amount up to AZN 20 000 and up to 36 months WITHOUT real estate COLLATERAL. The campaign will last until December 28, 2018.

The businessmen taking micro loans from AccessBank may benefit several opportunities. Thus, AccessBank provides grace period up to 12 months and an opportunity to set the repayment schedule in accordance with their business specificities. Moreover, fast application process and the minimal list of documents as well as no extra costs required for loan disbursement (for instance, opening of account, cashing cost) allow customers taking loan in fast and easy way.

Grow your business with AccessBank because we know what you need for your business!

Use this link for ordering a loan online.

Detailed information about micro loans is available here.

Currencies Rates

15.11.2018 BUY SELL
USD 1.6990 1.7020
EUR 1.8889 1.9467
Non-cash payment

Non-cash payment

15.11.2018 BUY SELL
USD 1.6990 1.7170
EUR 1.9177 1.9467
GBP 2.1686 2.2341
RUB 0.0249 0.0257



* - calculating by cash purchase rate