AccessBank Scholarship Program

The aim of the Program is supporting the students with high potential.

10 students selected upon this Program will receive a monthly scholarship of AZN 100 from AccessBank during the next semester. Moreover, these students will gain opportunity for internship in the Bank and participating at the Bank’s various training and corporate arrangements. The competition will be held among the students educating in economics of 3rd and 4th years of baccalaureate in the high schools of Azerbaijan Republic for the educational years of 2018-2019.

The 1st selection stage

The students who meet the above conditions must complete the online application form to participate in the Program. Applications are accepted until 18 November (inclusive).

The 2nd selection stage

Basing upon assessment of the applications the logical and mathematical knowledge of the students passing to the 2nd stage will be checked. The students have to answer 40 tests within 60 minutes. The lowest passing score for the next stage will be assigned by the AccessBank upon assessment of all pretenders’ results.

2-nd tour results

The 3rd selection stage

The 3rd stage will consist of writing essay in English on various topics. Upon assessment of these essays the students which essays mostly comply with the tasked topic will pass to the last stage.

3-rd tour results

The 4th selection stage

The last stage of the competition consists of the personal interviews to be held by the AccessBank’s special team consisting of specialists of various fields. During the interviews the pretenders will answer questions regarding their academic knowledge, world view, motivation for participation at the competition, etc. The questions for each pretender may differ.


The students passing to the 2nd and further stages will be admitted exclusively upon submitting the personal transcription and original ID Card. Using mobile phones, crib sheets and other aids at the selection stage is prohibited!
The information regarding each selection stage and the news will be sent to the pretenders’ personal e-mail as well as posted on the Bank’s official information channels (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Currencies Rates

USD 1.6950 1.7025
EUR 1.7835 1.8345
Non-cash payment

Non-cash payment

USD 1.6990 1.7025
EUR 1.8017 1.8472
GBP 2.0584 2.1214
RUB 0.0207 0.0225



* - calculating by cash purchase rate