Guaranteed Loan

It is doubly advantageous to be a depositor in AccessBank.

Along with a profitable deposit, you can also get a profitable loan on its basis !

Terms and conditions:

  • Amount: Up to 90% of the deposit amount (including interest and commision)
  • Maturity: The loan term depends on the term deposit
  • Interest Rate: 5%-6% than deposit interest rate
  • Effective Annual Percentage Rate (EAPR): min. 6,67% - max. 20,55%
  • Fee and commission expense when you take a loan: 1%
  • Collateral: Deposit
  • Repayment: By annuity scheme (equal installments)


  • Quick process and minimum number of documents
  • Collateral can be provided by a third party
  • Possibility to obtain parallel loans
  • Preferential terms
  • Possibility to pay the loan via the Internet without visiting the branch


  • Identity card for residents, foreign passport for non-residents

Currencies Rates

USD 1.6970 1.7020
EUR 1.6338 1.6921
Non-cash payment

Non-cash payment

USD 1.6990 1.7025
EUR 1.6504 1.6804
GBP 1.8516 1.9083
RUB 0.0289 0.0308



* - calculating by cash purchase rate