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Since 2002, AccessBank showed continuous commitment to serving the MSME and retail market in Azerbaijan, emerging as the foremost financial partner for micro-entrepreneurs in the nation. With over two decades of operation, AccessBank has distinguished itself through exceptional customer service and substantial contributions to both small businesses and the banking industry at large. The bank exemplifies a steadfast commitment to ESG standards, solidifying its standing as an exemplary player in the banking sector. Additionally, the bank is recognised as the premier MSME banking institution, acting as a beacon for financial education and support in the country.

Financial highlights | Q4 2023

Bank in numbers
₼ 1.1 bn
In deposit portfolio
₼ 1 bn
In loan portfolio
International shareholders
₼ 1.4 bn
Total assets
Branch offices
1 300 +
Active clients
Active micro borrowers


Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of Azerbaijan by providing financial services and solutions to households, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, employing internationally accepted advanced practices in the banking sector.

We emphasize our commitment to values such as transparency and openness, professionalism, customer satisfaction, teamwork, and responsibility towards society and the environment.

Strategic Goals & Vision

  • To maintain market position as a leading financial service provider for micro and small business customers
  • To continue improving the customer experience by streamlining processes, enhancing digitalization, and further tailoring financial services to customers’ needs
  • To sustain strong risk management, high underwriting standards, strict compliance, and internal control mechanisms
  • To strengthen operational efficiency by investing in the development of our employees to ensure high levels of professionalism and an excellent customer experience
  • To ensure a sustainable impact and financial return to the investors

Key numbers | Q4 2023

Financial reports
₼ 1.4 bn
Change: +19.1% compared to Q4 2022
₼ 29.3 mln
Net Income
Change: x2.6 times compared to Q4 2022
Return on Equity
Cost to Income

Prominent shareholder structure

We stand out as the only bank in the country with 100% international shareholders.
This global network empowers us to offer exceptional financial services, leveraging our international expertise for the benefit of our valued customers.

ESG Strategy & Vision

Our top shareholders are foreign financial institutions with the largest footprint in promoting environmental, social and governance (ESG) principals directly or through their investees. AccessBank is no exception, when it comes to endorsing ESG principals.

Branch Network Overview

A robust service network allows the bank to have a broader market coverage, extending its services to diverse customer segments in Azerbaijan. This is advantageous in targeting specific customer groups, expanding customer base, and attracting new customers in both urban and rural areas.

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Noteworthy Shareholder Composition
We distinguish ourselves as the sole bank in the country with an entirely international shareholder base.
Shareholders structure
ESG Strategy & Vision
Our mission is to promote the progress of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives
ESG strategy

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