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About deposit boxes

AccessBank offers to all residents of Azerbaijan (legal entities and individuals), rent of individual safes (deposit boxes), equipped with modern protection system. This service is particularly relevant during travel, as AccessBank's deposit boxes are the safest place to store money, jewellery and important documents.


Have a modern protection system and a high level of safety

Boxes are locked simultaneously on two keys, one of which is issued to the client, and the other is kept by the responsible person of the Bank

Data on the contents of the boxes are kept in full confidentiality

* Deposit boxes are available to citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic

Box sizes and tariffs

Volume of boxes 1 month 6 months 12 months
100 X 290 X 450 30 AZN 150 AZN 300 AZN
150 X 290 X 492
150 X 320 X 492
40 AZN 200 AZN 400 AZN
200 X 290 X 450 50 AZN 250 AZN 500 AZN
240 X 290 X 450 60 AZN 300 AZN 600 AZN
300 X 320 X 492 70 AZN 350 AZN 700 AZN
450 X 320 X 492 90 AZN 450 AZN 900 AZN

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