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Dear customer, welcome to the myCard world of AccessBank!

Feel like a part of the international experience by becoming a holder of myCard Lux card. Increase your status value with the exclusive card. Make the special privileges available for you with our card. You deserve it!


Regardless of the amount, additional profit to the positive balance on the card account
SMS notification of card transactions - free of charge
Replacing the PIN code of your card with any memorable code of your choice - free of charge
Cashback up to 20% for payments in partner networks
Flight delay and baggage insurance, as well as health insurance
24×7 assistant service for any questions
Free access to the Lounge halls at the airport
24×7 easy management of cash withdrawal limits via myAccess mobile application


Main Annual profit on the card account balance AZN 6%/USD 0.5%

Cashback up to 20%

Replacing PIN free of charge

SMS notification service free of charge

Travel insurance
free of charge

Cashing out at ATMs domestically 1%

In ATMs of AccessBank 0%

Conversion 0.5%

Price 150 AZN
Services myAccess free of charge

AccessQazanc service free of charge

Concierge service free of charge

Use of the VIP zone at the airport six times a year free of charge, 30 USD for each subsequent use*

* Free access to Lounge Key Halls six times for Visa cards, unlimited access to MasterCard Business Lounge halls for MasterCard cards

myAccess - makes life easier

Manage any type of your bank operations more easily with myAccess. Always with you, regardless of place and time!

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Card information


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    SMS Banking

    SMS banking allows cardholders to receive information about the status of card accounts via SMS. In any movement of funds in the account, the client receives an SMS-notification to the mobile phone about the transaction (purchase of the card, withdrawal of cash, etc.)

    Term Commission
    1 month Free
    1 year Free

    3D Secure

    3d Secure is an advanced technology that allows you to avoid fraud when using payment cards on the Internet. The bank verifies the authenticity of the card and the identity of its owner in real time — that is why a high level of protection is achieved.

    Security of transactions is ensured by the mandatory entry of the cardholder with a one-time password, which is automatically sent by the bank as an SMS message to the mobile phone.

    Cardholder receives the password directly at the moment of operation, and it can be used only once. Even knowing all the details of the card, fraudsters will not be able to make an online payment on the card connected to the service on the site supporting this technology, as the SMS will come only to the mobile phone number cardholder.

    The service is free of charge.

    Cash by Code

    "Cash by Code" is a fast, convenient and safe transfer of funds via ATM at any time of day, to a person who does not have a bank card. In order to use this service to the sender of funds it is necessary to insert the card in the ATM, choose the ATM menu "cash by Code", then the sender must enter the amount of transfer and mobile phone number of the recipient of funds.

    The system generates a 10-digits code in two parts. The first part of the code (the first five digits) is sent as an SMS message to the mobile phone number of the recipient of the transfer, and the second part of the code (the last five digits) is printed as a cheque and remains with the sender. The sender must inform the recipient of the transfer the code specified in the cheque. To receive cash, the recipient must approach the ATM and enter both parts of the code sequentially (the first part comes by SMS-message and the 2nd part informs the sender).

    Operation Price
    The amount of transfer to the ATMs of AccessBank
    from 5 AZN to 200 AZN (without restrictions on the number of transactions during the day).
    Transfer fee (from sender)
    min 1 AZN-max 1%
    Fee for cash withdrawal 0%

    Card to Card

    By card-to-card service you can quickly and conveniently transfer money from one card to another both inside AccessBank and on cards of all banks-participants of Millicart network. The funds transferred by you will reach the addressee within 30 minutes.

    The amount of funds transferred by means of "card to card" is not limited.

    "Card-to-Card" operation is carried out as follows:
    • Insert the card into the ATM, enter the PIN code
    • Select the "card-to-card" function, enter the card number of the addressee
    • Enter the expiration date of the card and the amount of funds transferred
    • When the transaction is completed, a check is issued.
    The main advantages of "Card-to-Card" service::
    • Money transfer can be carried out 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
    • This service is faster and more profitable than the services of urgent money transfers;
    • Within 30 minutes the money is transferred to the card account;
    • The amount of funds is not limited;
    • There is no need to come to the bank to transfer money.
    Service rates
    Sender card type Recipient's card type
    Salary Card Debet Card Credit Card Millikart
    Salary Card X 0
    Debet Card X 0.6% (min. 0.5 AZN/USD/EUR)
    Credit Card X 1% (min. 0.5 AZN/USD/EUR)

    * Commission is charged from the sender

    PIN change

    This service allows you to change the pin-code of the payment card by ATM. PIN Change Service can be carried out at any time during the day.

    This service is available only in ATMs and AccessBank cards..

    The PIN Change operation is performed in the following way:
    • It is necessary to insert the card into the ATM and enter the pin-code;
    • To select the "PIN Change" function on the ATM monitor;
    • Enter a new pin-code;
    • To confirm the new pin-code;
    • The following operation is performed to change the PIN-code.
    The main advantages of "Card-to-Card" service:
    • Money transfer can be carried out 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
    • This service is faster and more profitable than the services of urgent money transfers;
    • Within 30 minutes the money is transferred to the card account;
    • The amount of funds is not limited;
    • There is no need to come to the bank to transfer money.

    The cost of the service - 1 AZN.

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