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AccessBank announces 2020 the year of environmental protection

2 December 2019

AccessBank announces 2020 the year of environmental protection and care. Thus, the environmental protection issues will be applied to all aspects of the bank activity.

Business. AccessBank pays significant attention to the protection of environment in its business. This is one of the main tasks assigned to the management of the bank by shareholders – which are international financial institutions. AccessBank evaluates the environmental risks while investing into various businesses or financing a project, regardless of its volume and profitability; furthermore the bank welcomes customers’ efforts to minimize the risks. Meanwhile, the bank will stimulate financing of projects, aimed at improving energy efficiency, processing and related green technologies. Special interest rates, adjusted lending schedule and liberal collateral requirements will act as incentives.

Processes. The Bank will adjust its processes with accordingly. Use of paper and plastic in the workflow will be minimized. Within the framework of “Green Access” project, AccessBank has handed over hundreds of tons of paper and paper products for recycling during the recent years. AccessBank is proud to have prevented the felling of thousands of trees through this project. Furthermore, in 2020, promo production (corporate notebooks, diaries, calendars, etc.) of the bank will be made from recycled materials. The issues of energy efficiency and resource saving will be taken into account in all investment decisions of the bank, including the opening of new branches and the repair of existing ones. The bank management plans to create a specialized committee, whose members will monitor the above activities.

Corporate social responsibility. Next year, the bank's corporate social responsibility projects will also focus on environmental protection. By implementing related projects, the bank intends to increase the level of awareness of the population about the environmental issues. AccessBank will attract its customers and partners to the implementation of these projects.