Earning money is good, but earning money on money is even better! With our advantageous deposit offers money will work for you! Choose the most suitable deposit for you and increase your income:

Term Deposit

  • Up to 11%
  • From 50 manats
  • Up to 24 months

With "Term Deposit" you can increase your funds by depositing any amount starting from 50 manats (US dollars) in the bank for a period of 6 to 24 months! In addition, you can choose how you will receive interest - either monthly or at the end of the period.

myGoal Deposit

  • Increasing percent
  • Possibility of increase
  • Up to 36 months

Achieve big goals with small investments! As your amount grows, so will your interest rates!

Instant access deposit

  • Ability to increase and decrease
  • Percent capitalization
  • Indefinitely

With the "Instant access deposit" you can not only earn income from the money you deposit in the bank, but also increase the amount of the deposit at any time and use it comfortably. Moreover, there is no period or limit for the amount to be increased!