Now you don’t have to worry about seeing zero in your account. Because AccessBank's Overdraft product zero is not so bad. With Overdraft you will have additional funds that you can use to pay, even if you do not have money.

AccessBank understands the importance of financial flexibility in the business and offers you the opportunity to feel comfortable with Overdraft.

What is Overdraft?

It is a loan product for customers who are temporarily in need of funds, and it allows them to pay more than on the account balance. The overdraft limit is agreed upon on the client's account and is submitted for a period of 6 to 12 months. Overdraft can be used by the customer several times, in full or in part, within the designated term and amount.


  • Easy documentation
  • Possession without collateral
  • Calculation of interest on the day you used and the amount used
  • Automatic debiting and reuse of limit
  • Confidence that funds will be available when needed
  • Ability to apply for your business limit

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