Loans for small and medium businesses

Business development is always associated with certain financial difficulties.
Such difficulties will help to solve loans designed specifically for small and medium businesses.


  • Amount: from AZN 50.000 to AZN 3.000.000
  • Maturity: up to 60 months
  • Interest Rate: depending on the amount, term, provision, financial condition and credit history
  • Disbursement Fee: 1%
  • Collateral: real estate, vehicles, home equipment, stock and guarantors
  • Repayment: monthly by equal installments (interest is paid only on the remaining balance)


  • Quick process of registration and the minimum list of documents (the decision on granting of the loan is given within 1-3 days)
  • No additional costs (e.g. opening an account, cashing out, assessing and insuring real estate)
  • Grace period and payment plan in view of the type of activity
  • Credit lines and long-term collateral agreement
  • Possibility to make parallel loans


  • Engage in any business activity
  • Submit the necessary documents
  • Provide full information on current and planned business activities

Currencies Rates

21.05.2019 BUY SELL
USD 1.6971 1.7015
EUR 1.8591 1.9160
Non-cash payment

Non-cash payment

21.05.2019 BUY SELL
USD 1.6971 1.7015
EUR 1.8780 1.9122
GBP 2.1195 2.1844
RUB 0.2060 0.0267



* - calculating by cash purchase rate