Zolotaya Korona

Send money to your family and loved ones abroad within 5 minutes with money transfer Zolotaya Korona.


Money transfers to Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other countries
The transfer is carried out within 5 minutes
Low transfer fees

Required documents

  • Identity Document


Destination country Commission
Transfers to Russia 1% - max 50 USD/EUR və ya 2000 RUB
Transfers to Georgia and Kazakhstan  1% - max 55 USD/ 50 EUR və ya 2000 RUB
Transfers to Uzbekistan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus 1%
Transfers to Greece, Czech Republic, Mongolia, Israel, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Portugal 1%
Transfers to Turkey 1.5%


To receive the transfer it is enough to provide the bank employee with the control number of the transfer and information about the sender and the amount of transfer.