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AccessBank presents its next branch office with new concept

24 August 2022

AccessBank continues to adapt its branch network to the new concept. This time, the Bank has presented to customers its Lankaran branch in a new concept. The branch office repaired based on a new concept is located in the center of the city – on the alley named after H. Aslanov. The branch office renders its customers such services as payments clearing and settlement, deposits, various types of loans, plastic cards, money transfers, currency exchange and other banking services.

AccessBank has launched the Project of update and expanding its branch network since the last year. Binagadi and Mardakan branch offices have already undergone reconstruction works, Shamkir branch has newly been opened.  

With reference to the Project, other branch offices are considered to be overhauled in accordance with the new concept, new branches and representative offices are planned to be opened.