Salary projects

Salary Cards

Salary projects offered by AccessBank are available for any enterprise, regardless of the number of its employees.

With these cards, companies and organizations can conveniently transfer salaries and other remuneration to their employees. By means of these cards employees of companies and organizations can withdraw cash at ATMs and branches of AccessBank at any time of day, make non-cash payments and other transactions.

Advantages of salary project for companies and organizations

  • Saves financial resources and time for cash collection and other cash transactions
  • Simplifies accounting and treasury operations, reduces the turnover of cash and documentation
  • Facilitates the process of cash limit management and cash accounting
  • Enhances the image of the organization through the use of modern practice

Features and benefits of payment cards

  • The possibility to use the card in 7/24 mode in Azerbaijan and up to 200 countries of the world
  • Use of the card for non-cash payments in one or another currency, as well as cash withdrawal in another country in the local currency
  • Non-cash payment of the cost of goods and services without any commission in more than 50 mln. Trade and service objects
  • The possibility to withdraw cash from the card by more than 2 mln. ATMs and bank offices all over the world
  • Payment for goods and services via the Internet
  • Reservation of rooms in more than 200 thousand hotels
  • Card-to-card service – instant transfer of money from card to card via ATM
  • SSMS-Notification Service – Receiving SMS notifications on the phone regarding all transactions on the card
  • Account Statements – receiving information (statements) on the card account through branches of the bank, ATMs and mobile phone

On the basis of the bilateral agreement as an additional opportunity within the salary project employees of the company/organization can be allocated a credit line from the bank.
Tariffs for salary project servicing are established on the basis of bilateral agreement.