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Access2Success: new beginning in business for women

6 July 2022

Access2Success Project developed for women entrepreneurs has been finished successfully. About 250 candidates have been applied to participate in the Project dedicated to the improvement of women who make their first steps in entrepreneurship. Among them only 53 candidates Meeting the requirements joined trainings. Participants represented such spheres as tourism, education, science, health, eco-products, clothes and accessories.

In 5 weeks’ Access2Success Project women entrepreneurs had more than 40 hours of classes on such topics as strategic development of business, crisis management, reporting to state authorities, sales, marketing, e-commerce, staff management, business control and etc. Along with theoretic knowledge from experts, 23-65 aged women entrepreneurs participated also in practic exercises.

On the last days of the training, the participants gave presentations on how to apply the theoretical knowledge they gained during the workshops in their future business. In the final event, the Management of AccessBank and mentors of the programme joined and wished success to all participants.      

It’s worth to note, that AccessBank, the leader in mikrolending in Azerbaijan, started the training program on improvement of competitive business environment for women entrepreneurs in May. The aim of the bank is to support women who want to manage and expand their micro, small and medium-sized businesses.