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Sincere interview with the managing team of AccessBank

27 July 2022

Today, at the eve of 20 years’ anniversary, we have talked with the managing team of AccessBank about the past of the Bank.

Dear Zahra (Zahra Zeynalova, Managinng director IT/Operations), what does the 20 years’ anniversary of AccessBank mean to you? In your opinion, what hasn’t changed in the Bank during these years?

Personally I have been with Accessbank for 16 years of these 20. What has remained unchanged during these years, is the high quality service we render, maximum transparency of our work, accessabiolity of our services for all groups of our population. Proudly I can say that we are the best banking experts in the sphere of microfinance. We are able to overcome difficulties, because our Bank has a strong fundament to work even in the future decades.  

Let’s talk about the recent years’ achievements.

As for the memorable changes in recent years, these are, undoubtedly, our attention to the needs of customers and changes in our work. These changes lead to faster and more convenient service for customers: ATMs and payment terminals network are updated and expanded, newmobile application is launched, lending procedure is facilitated and accelerated duet o optimization and automation of internal processes. Customers needs are periodically analyzed and various banking products meeting their needs are offered.  

Thank you, Zahra. Dear Renat (Renat Humbatov, Executive Director Micro and SME), what does the 20 years’ anniversary of the Bank mean to you? How has the Banks changed during these 20 years?

I have worked in AccessBank for 17 years. I haven’t felt how the time has gone during these years, however, at the same time, I have got acquainted with a lot of interesting and valuable people, have achieved a lot due to team spirit. It is true that there were many difficulties, but at any time I felt the support of my colleagues and overcame them.      

What is the most memorable thing for you during these years?

My first years in the Bank: different, democratic corporate environment I wasn’t used to, stubborn and purposeful team. 2 factors surprized me the most in those years. Firstly, such a strong team in a new and little-known bank. Second, everyone, even a newly hired employee applies the Chairman of the Management Board by his name only.     

If you could turn the time back, what would you advice yourself 20 years ago?

Don’t worry, everything will be OK.