AccessBank disclosed its financial statements for 2023

15 January 2024

“AccessBank”, a leader in the market of lending services for micro, small and medium enterprises, announced its financial results for 2023.

To get acquainted with the results, follow the link:

Accordng to the results of 2023ç the Bank’s not profit amounted to AZN 39.8M. The same index in 2022 was AZN 15.0M. As a result, the Bank’s capital sustainability index has been strengthened and  total capital has increased by 41.9% or AZN 42.3Mand amounted to AZN 143.5M, which exceeds the regulatore requirement by 2.9 times.  

Increase of loan portfolio, especially of business loans, increase of depositors’ confidence in the bank, as well as the fundraising from international lendors can be indicated as drivers of the mentioned increase. Thus, during the last year: