Instant access deposit

Let your money bring money!

About the product

With the "Instant access deposit", you will not only earn income from the deposited money, but also be able to replenish and use the deposit account at any time. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the term of the deposit or the amount of replenishment!
Sum Interest rate
1 - 999.99 0.1%
1 000 - 29999.99 3%
30 000 - 99 999.99 3.5%
100000+ 4.5%
Sum Interest rate
1 - 999.99 0.1%
1000 - 29999.99 0.5%
30000 - 99999.99 0.8%
100000+ 1.0%
  • Deposit currency: AZN / USD
  • Minimum initial deposit: 100 AZN / USD
  • Deposit term: Indefinite
  • Maximum interest rate: AZN-4.5%; USD-1%
  • Payment of interest: At the end of each month

Benefits of "Instant access deposit"

Insured deposit

Your deposits are insured by the Deposit Insurance Fund.

Possibility of partial withdrawal of the deposit

Deposit or withdraw funds at any time

Ability to completely withdraw the amount of the deposit and keep it active

Even if your balance equals to 0, your account will remain active

Absence of minimum and maximum term of deposit

"Instant Access Deposit" account has no fixed deposit period

Monthly capitalization of interest on the deposit

You will earn more by adding interest to the remaining principal amount every month.

Interest rate increase in accordance with the deposit amount

As the amount of the deposit increases, the interest earned will also increase.

How to open a deposit account?

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Instant access deposit

How is deposit insurance provided?
AccessBank is a member of the Deposit Insurance Fund and in case of an insured event, the funds are reimbursed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the fund.
How is interest paid?
Depending on the type of deposit, additional interest income can be obtained both in cash and non-cash. You can use a debit card to earn extra interest income in cash.
Is it possible to withdraw the opened deposit from any branch?
AccessBank uses a centralized operating system. For this reason, customers can approach any branch and carry out operations related to their deposits.
Is it possible to withdraw the deposit at any time?
Regardless of the type of deposit, customers can withdraw their funds by approaching the bank during business hours.

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